Airstrike On Syria Is On Hold For Now In Favor Of Diplomacy

The U.S. Is Hitting The Pause Button On Military Action In Favor Of Diplomacy In Syria

Syria AirstrikeAmericans have been at the edge of their seats waiting to see the outcome of President Obama’s campaign for military action in Syria as a response to Syrian President Assad’s use of chemical weapons on his own people.  Obama believe(s) that decisive military action was the only way to prevent further use of the chemical weapons in the future.  President Obama’s military campaign was met by congress and also the public with mostly disapproval as the majority in both the house and senate were not in favor of the U.S. stepping in to take military action.  Their feeling was that a few airstrikes would not accomplish any long-term gains in Syria, and would likely not change the outcome in that country.

Russian Proposal Of Diplomacy Gains Favor Over Military Action

As an alternative to military action in Syria, which the Russians vehemently opposed, Russia suggested that Syria be made to turn their chemical weapons over to international control. Surprisingly, up until this point, Syria has agreed to those conditions, and President Obama in his prime time speech to the American people yesterday decided to hold off on airstrikes in the hopes that we can negotiate with Russia on the terms of Syria handing over the weapon and that Syria will in fact comply.  Obama has also made it clear that the military forces will remain ready to strike at a moment’s notice in the event things fall apart with the negotiations.

How Will the Plan For Syria Work? 

There are still many loop holes in the plan being worked out for gaining control over Syria’s chemical weapons, but the hopes are that Secretary of State John Kerry and Sergey Lavroy the Russian liason can work out all the details including a timeline in which Syria has to hand over the chemical weapons.  These meetings will be important to the final outcome, because the U.S. and Russia have not always been able to agree upon similar outcomes in the past.  However, Lavroy and Kerry have been able to work well together in the past, so the hope is they can reach a deal.  One of the big questions they are trying to answer is how long to give Assad to comply to the terms.  Some like Representative Chris Van Hollen in Maryland are working on a deal that would give Assad 30 days, others think it may take longer depending on how quickly the U.N. can work out the details of employing the plan.

How Do The American People Feel About Action In Syria? 

In the midst of the possibilities of negotiations with Russia and Syria, President Obama is keeping the pressure on the Syria, to remind Assad that an airstrike is imminent if he doesn’t comply.  Overall the American people have been wholeheartedly against taking military action in Syria. In a recent poll 59% of those responding were against military action, and 72% agreed that the strikes were unlikely to accomplish anything of real importance.

In the meantime, investors and the markets hang in the balance until a deal is reached and action is either decided upon or against.  These are uncertain times and the ups and downs with the worlds political climate can wreak havoc on investments.  For more information on how the situation in Syria could impact your investments and the overall economy, and to learn how to insulate yourself against any negative impact, contact a Redhawk Wealth Advisor near you today.




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