Embracing The Principles Of Long-Term Investing

What Are The Timeless Principles Of Long-Term Investing?

Wise InvestingBack in 1963, a man by the name of Douglas Bellemore wrote the book:  “The Strategic Investor”.  In it, the book illustrates many of the timeless principles that are associated with successful long-term investing.  In today’s day and age, books like this are difficult to find.  More often than not, people are so consumed by what the markets are doing now…today… that they forget that certain principles are key to long-term investment success.  If you follow today’s leadership of making money fast on the market by futures, currencies, leveraging etc. odds are you stand to lose.

To Be A Strategic Investor, Follow The Long-Term  Investment Tips From “The Strategic Investor”

According to Douglas Bellemore, the following are characteristics of successful aggressive investors:

  1.  Patience:  Patience is a difficult trait for anyone to master.  However, it’s important for someone pursuing a long-term investment to have patience throughout all the market ups and downs.  It’s important to not expect instant gain from your investments.  Often when an investment is low or undervalued you stand to make the most.  It’s kind of like the old adage; “good things come to those who wait.”
  2. Courage:  An investors convictions must be solid, and he or she must have confidence while making them.  Sometimes this means ignoring those who disagree with your decisions. Not all of your decisions will be correct, but a majority must be.  Only make a decision after carefully considering the facts and considering other recommendations.
  3. Intelligence:  You don’t need to be a genius to be a successful investor, but average intelligence is a must.  Intelligence coupled with common sense will guide decisions based on sound judgment.
  4. Emotional Stability:  Emotional stability is being able to avoid the waves of optimism and pessimism that often sweep through Wall Street.  Avoid making decisions based on emotions or crowd mentality.
  5. Hard Work:  Don’t expect to get rich quickly.  Take the time to be knowledgeable about the company you are investing in and the investment you are choosing.  Be able to justify your investment by sound research and reasoning.

Don’t be like so many investors today.  Avoid making decisions based on a knee-jerk reaction to the markets, and 9 times out of 10 you will have made the right decision.  The more you can engage in this kind of self-discipline the better off you will be.  For more information on sound long-term investment advice and how to make investment decisions in today’s economy, speak to a Redhawk advisor near you today.

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