Give Your Finances A Fall Facelift

It’s Time To Give Your Finances A Good Cleanup

give your finances a faceliftEvery so often the things in our lives are in need of a good clean up/tune up.  Our bodies need annual physicals, our cars need tune ups, and our homes are in constant need of repairs.  The fall is a great time for new beginnings and tune ups in our lives, because it’s a time when school is starting for the kids, the nights are getting cooler and darkness is setting in earlier.  With less outdoor things to accomplish it’s a great time to take a hard look at your finances and give your life a financial tune-up for the year.  Having a fresh perspective on your household finances to ensure that your hard earned money is going in the right directions, is essential for overall financial success.  Following are some key things to examine as far as your finances are concerned:

1.  Run A Free Credit Report To Cleanup Your Finances

Knowing where you stand as far as your credit rating, give you a lot of insight as far as your overall financial status.  Some free places to get a credit report include Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.  Not only does a credit report give you an idea of what to discuss with your financial advisor, it can also help you to gain insight into things you can improve to help your credit rating.  For instance, if you have too many open lines of credit, or any outstanding balance on your credit cards, this is an opportunity to face those items and deal with it.

2. Examine Your Finances And Determine If Your Monthly Expenditures Are Really A Necessity?

As nice as it may be to have DishTV, spending $100 or more on television, may not be the best way to spend your hard earned income.  With Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and other online streaming options, you may find that your favorite shows are available to you without the expense of cable television.  Consider how often you watch TV, what your favorite shows are, and determine if you might be able to accomplish this through a cheaper venue before you continue on with the high cable bill.

3.  Take A Look At Finances To See If You Are Saving Enough:

Unfortunately, the majority of Americans are quick to spend and slow to save.  Instant gratification characterizes our culture.  The problem with this, is that as a general rule, Americans are terribly behind when it comes to saving and preparing for retirement.  In fact, more than half of Americans have less than $25K set aside for retirement and are looking at being horribly underprepared or even poverty stricken during their “golden years”.  To avoid this, taking a hard look at your finances and cutting the fat out of your spending is absolutely imperative to begin a proper saving regimen.

4.  Buy Ahead For Future Savings

Fall is often a great time for sales and deals as far as consumer products are concerned.  If you choose to buy ahead, you can get this year’s model for a fraction of what you would spend on next year’s model of the same product.  Therefore, if you know you will need to make a big purchase in the future, it’s often good to look at doing this during the fall.

The fall is a great time to give your finances a face lift, and to get on the right track as far as cleaning up credit and getting a good retirement savings plan going.  For more information on how to straighten up your finances, speak to a Redhawk Wealth Advisor near you today.


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