Is The World Running Out Of Silver?

Silver Supply Is Now Unable To Keep Up With Silver Demand

Silver Supply And Demand CrisisSilver, unlike its gold counterpart is being used more industrially every single day.  Currently silver is a vital component industrially being used in cellphones, batteries, and many other electronics.  Medically it is being used to help promote safe water, and has been discovered to have incredible anti-microbial properties making it very useful as a topical medicine as well as being used for ventilators and in any other scenario where a bacterial load can be a real threat to a patient’s well-being.  As much as it is wonderful that there are so many practical uses for the metal, supply is unable to keep up with the rising demand.

Will The World Run Out OF Silver?

The current predictions by the U.S. geological study is that the world will run out of silver by 2021.  Maybe sooner if the predictions that silver consumption will increase by 36% do in fact come into play.  Unlike gold, silver is actually needed not just desired.  That need is making it more and more desirable as the supply is buckling under increasing demand.

What Will Happen To Silver Prices If Supply Can’t Keep Up With Demand?

Keep an eye out for increased silver prices as demand continues to rise and supply can not accommodate the rapid demand.  In addition to the industrial purposes behind silver, silver still has value as a precious metal investment.  As an investment, it is still cheaper than gold per ounce, thus the demand by more cautious investors and emerging middle class investors from China and India has also been increasing.  If someone wants to dabble in metals, or have it around for security in case the dollar goes broke, it’s much more practical and liquid in smaller denominations than its gold counterparts.

Silver Prices Are Expected To Go Through The Roof?

In economics 101 we learn that supply is directly proportionate to demand.  If supply can’t keep up with demand, prices go up.  Thus, economic situation or not, silver prices will go up.  It’s not a matter of “if” it’s a matter of “when”.

If you haven’t yet gotten on the silver band wagon and invested a portion of your portfolio into the precious metal, now is the time to do so. Take advantage of today’s current low prices before demand sends the prices through the roof.  For more information on an investment in silver, speak to a Redhawk financial advisor near you today.

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