The Bull Market Is Just Gathering Steam

Investors Should Plan On More Months To Come In The Bull Market

more months to come int he bull marketIt appears that along with the record high stock prices and the tremendous performance by stocks throughout 2013, many investors are poised and ready for the pull back and major market correction that they are just sure is on its way.  While there may be some legitimacy to the fact that the stock market has been roaring, and that market bears are slowly disappearing from the investment world, not all investors and stock analysts agree that the market is heading for a reversal of the current bull market.  On the contrary, some of the most respected investors feel that the market has the potential to roar on unabated for some time now.  This doesn’t mean that there won’t be some bumps or some minor corrections along the way, but their feeling is there is still plenty of growing room within the current bull market.

Make Money In The Bull Market

Getting in earlier in 2013 when the prices were still remarkably low created an easy environment to generate profit.  Today, when many stocks seem overvalued it can be more difficult to know where to begin when building your stock portfolio.  Interestingly enough, many market analysts feel that the highs we have been seeing lately are more just the natural increase following the massive market lows of 2009.  So the question is, is today’s bull market really peaking, or has it been more of a bounce back from the lows of before.  Today we are only about 15% higher than the highs seen in 2007.  When factoring in inflation over time, it does appear that there is more room for the market to grow going forward.  This doesn’t mean there won’t be some corrections and bumps along the way, but It is calling for a continuation of the general upward trajectory of the markets.

How Much Longer Will The Bull Market Continue?

If these analysts are right, and the bull market today is just the beginning following the slow healing and recovery of the U.S. economy, then there is room for equities to as much as double going forward.  The key is to own a solid stock spread including, oil and energy stocks, a solid industrial dividend paying stock such as GE, some solid tech stocks, and stock from a strong consumer product company that can offer stability to your portfolio.  If you select from giant companies, with solid balance sheets and excellent dividend paying potential, your portfolio can mature and grow with some element of safety.  Further diversification into gold or silver, which appear to be at their bottom and primed for some better months ahead could also add an element of safety and diversification.

To further discuss the best market position given today’s economy and the growth expected going forward, take the time to contact a Redhawk Wealth Advisor near you today.  A Redhawk Advisor can help you attain a personalized financial plan that is not only geared for success given today’s market and economy, but also hand tailored to your individualized risk appetite and financial goals.  Don’t wait and let the investment opportunities of 2014 pass you by.  Get in now while the going is still good.


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