Update: Are Natural Disasters Like Hurricane Sandy On The Rise

Incidences Of Natural Disasters Are Increasing In North America

Update:  Natural DisastersAfter I watched the footage of Hurricane Sandy dismembering New York City and New Jersey, and saw the flooding reaching my own door step in Maryland, I remember thinking to myself… “Is it just me, or are we seeing a natural disasters at a much higher frequency in recent years?” If you’ve had a similar thought, you were dead on.  Natural disasters, including: hurricanes, tornadoes, drought, flooding, and searing heat have plagued our land, and have cost this nation billions upon billions of dollars.  The truly frightening fact is that these natural disasters have been occurring exponentially more often than in previous decades.

How Much Have The Occurrences Of Natural Disasters Increased Over The Last Thirty Years? 

If you compare the occurrences of natural disasters today, to how often they occurred back in the 1980s, you would be astonished.  For instance:

-In 1980 there were 63 catastrophes costing the nation a total of 9 billion U.S. Dollars.

-In 1990 that number increased to 88 catastrophes.

-By 2000 there were 134 Catastrophes

-In 2010  there were 250 natural disasters!!  The insured losses from just the thunderstorms in 2011 cost the nation 26 billion, that is double the cost of thunderstorms in 2010.

How Do Natural Disasters Impact The Economy?

Just to put the whole thing in perspective, the cost of federal dollars to aid those impacted by Hurricane Katrina totaled 62 billion!  A much smaller storm, hurricane Ike, cost the U.S. 8 billion in 2008.  Storms and natural disasters are not cheap, and they have to be financed somehow, whether by higher taxes, decreased spending, or some other financially detrimental method.

How Will You Fare Financially If Disaster Strikes Your Home?

Having personally just survived the most recent hurricane, hurricane Sandy, I can say first hand that you never know when disaster may strike on a more personal level.  Somehow we always feel that our family is in a protective bubble.  It is “other people” who lose a home to a fire, or whose loved ones die from a cancer.  Or, it is the “people in that part of the country” whose homes were destroyed by a hurricane or a tornado.   As I watched the news crews setting up in Ocean City Maryland, to await Sandy’s fury, I felt like I lived in hurricane “ground zero”.  We were all preparing to lose property and valuables to the storm.  When it went up the coast and skirted Ocean City, us Maryland residents were breathing a deep sigh of relief, but others were not so lucky.  People who are impacted by natural disasters are everyday people like you, like me, like your mother or father.  The people who lost everything to hurricane Sandy, were just normal people.

Will You Be Financially Secure If A Storm Takes Your Home Away?

Good friends of mine, whose home is on the water near the bay in Crisfield, Maryland got the brunt of the combining forces of hurricane Sandy and the Nor’easter that pushed through.  The wind from the Nor’easter pushed the water from the bay directly through their home, leaving several feet of standing water.  The whole place is condemned.  Thankfully, my friend was diligent and wise and had plenty of savings for such a time as this. He was prepared for the worst, are you?

If you can’t say with ease that you would be okay should disaster strike, then it is high time that you do something to change that.  For more information on how to protect yourself financially during unexpected times, visit greenmoneyupdate.com 


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