Update: Is Now The Time To Invest In Gold?

The Gold Market Is On An Upward Trend:  Invest In Gold Now

gold and silverThe gold market took a slight dip downward on Friday, creating an excellent opportunity to invest in gold.  As with any investment, the gold market follows upward and downward trends that ebb and flow with the economy and financial situation around the globe.  Given the financial instability in the world today, many investors have turned towards gold as a safe haven.  If the currencies around the globe tank, as many economists anticipate will happen, a position in gold will offer protection and affluence when all other investments fail.

When Other Investments Lose Your Trust, Physical Gold Is A Safe Haven For Investments

When considering a purchase in gold, the first question that must be addressed is whether you should look at paper gold ETFs, or physical metal.  In recent years, there has been a trend towards the possession of physical metal.  Since 2009, coin and bar purchases are up 96% and the net additions to ETPs are down by 73%.  In the silver market, the shift from ETFs to physical silver is even more dramatic.  Silver bullion purchases have tripled since 2007!  So why the shift towards physical silver?  One reason is because of concern regarding the ETFs themselves.  Some investors speculate that the companies selling ETFs do not have enough physical metal to back the certificates they are selling.  Thus, it is deemed “safer” to hold physical metal.  Another reason is because people are concerned about the financial future of the global economy.  By holding physical metal they offer themselves protection and more control over their purchases.

Update:  Why Should I Invest In Gold?

With the uncertainty that prevails in the financial world today, there are hundreds of things stacked up against traditional investments.  However, as scary as that can be, today’s climate is also perfectly conducive to gold’s stellar performance.  Several things are stacked in the favor of gold, including:

-the eroding currency

-shaky economy

-Worry about inflation

-excessive public debt

-money printing…everywhere

With all that is going on, it is time for you to take control over your future and invest in a safety net of precious metals.  For more information on how to get invested in gold and how to secure your financial future, visit redhawkgoldandsilver.com .

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