Update: What Does ObamaCare Really Mean For American Health Care?

Is American Health Care Too Expensive? 

cost of health careHave you ever experienced health care in America?  Most of us can say yes to that question.  Generally, the concept of health care is met by a myriad of complaints and disgust about the “racket” or American health care, and how ridiculously expensive it is.  And in part, it’s true!  About two years my mother-in-law spent about 10 days in the ICU before she passed away, to the tune of $100,000 US dollars!  I just about passed out when I saw the medical bills.  Who can ever afford care that costs that much?

Does Obama Care And The Affordable Care Act Mean We Retain Quality Of Care?

As unfortunate as it is, every time we receive that outrageous medical bill, one aspect of American health care cannot be argued; namely, we have excellent health care in the United States.  Our doctors are phenomenal, our hospitals are “luxury”, we have innovative treatments, and initiatives that not only protect the patient’s quality of care, but also their quality of “experience”.  I can tell you from first-hand experience, that health care of that caliber should not be taken for granted.  Socialism that is so flippantly promoted under the guise of “affordable care” means the destruction of health care as we know it.

Socialism Destroys Quality Of Care

My husband grew up in Poland, and Poland is one of many European countries that offer socialist medicine.  Here’s what happens:  1. The really excellent doctors set up a private practice that does not accept “public” insurance.  In the U.S. that translates to, really good doctors not accepting Medicaid.   2.  You may need to wait months or years for a “necessary procedure”.  If you have cancer here in the U.S. you will immediately be consulted by an oncologist, and if it warrants whisked into surgery and treatment to increase your odds of survival.  In Poland, under socialist medicine, odds are you wait for a year to two years to even see the surgeon.  Then, if you are still alive, the cancer has likely progressed to a stage that your prognosis is very poor.  I had a family member die of a treatable cancer, due to a situation like the one described above.

We Take For Granted Our Current Health Care System

Here’s the problem with Obama care, It will increase access, but decrease quality.  It will decrease the cost for the individual, but the money to pay for the increased access to care has to come from somewhere.  The federal government, and tax payers will go further into debt, the economy will suffer from further stress and inflation, and the rich and the savers will end up financing the underdog.

God Bless America

We still live in a free land, and we still have choices!  We may not be able to personally select our president, and our leadership.  We may not be able to control how they spend tax payer dollars or how they reform the medical system in the U.S…Yet, we can make sure we are totally prepared for whatever comes our way.  If the taxes go through the roof, and the economy crumbles due to poor money management by the government, we can rest assured that we are well provided for financially by making some good financial choices now.  For more information on how to protect your future, visit greenmoneyupdate.com 

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