Update: Will There Ever Be Peace In The Middle East? How Will The War In Israel Impact America

American Naval Ships Are Headed To Israel

Israel ConflictDue to the rising unrest and loss of life in Israel after an attack by Hamas on Israel has lead to the death of  96 people, U.S. Naval ships have rerouted and are headed back to the Mediterranean to be stationed in the event Americans were to need U.S. military assistance to evacuate Israel.  At this current point in time, there is no planned evacuation and Americans are still able to take commercial flights to leave Israel should they choose to do so, but the U.S. wanted to be on standby just in case.

The Fact That Naval Ships Are Repositioning In Israel Indicates That The Conflict Is Concerning

The very fact that the U.S. Naval ships are repositioning to the Mediterranean indicates that there is a concern about where this conflict is headed and whether or not it can be resolved without further loss of life.  However, the naval officers who were interviewed by CNN indicated that their presence is just a “safety net” for Americans and that they are not there to engage in any kind of combat.

What Is America’s Position On The Conflict In Israel?

Whenever there is unrest in the world, those of us with sons, daughters, husbands and fathers in the military, wonder if our loved ones will be called into combat and what the U.S.’s position is in the conflict.  Currently, President Obama has taken the stance that Israel has a right to defend itself against attackers, and yet the hope is to persuade Hamas to back down and pursue more peaceful options.

What Happens If The Conflict In Israel Can’t Be De-escalated?

The goal may be de-escalation, but there is always the off chance that they will not be successful and a war will ensue.  The U.S. is trying many possibilities including trying to persuade Egypt to talk Hamas down on their position against Israel.  Egypt is one nation that has influence over Hamas, and if they are successful in persuading them towards peace, it could ease much of the tension.

Will The U.S. Become Involved With The Conflict In Israel?

In the past the U.S. Has strongly declared itself as Israel’s ally, and depending on the circumstances, President Obama will have to make some big decisions in the upcoming weeks.  As an investor, whether or not the U.S. enters into the middle eastern conflict, will have a profound impact on your investments.  For more information on how to position yourself given today’s tumultuous political times, visit redmoneyupdate.com 

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