US Economy: A Grim Economic Outlook For 2013

Jim Rogers Predicts 2013 Will Be Sobering For The US Economy

Jim Rogers Predicts 2013 Will Be Sobering For US Economy.  His feeling is, that we are currently in an election year.  2012 is supposed to have a better economic outlook because the fed has fired up the printing press for the occasion.  While money printing offers great short-term stimulus, the long-term outlook of extra money in circulation is hyperinflation, which is extremely destructive to a country’s economic health.  Rogers predicts that after the outcome of the elections is determined the smokescreen that has been put in place by the federal government to give false security regarding the current health of the US economy will be removed, leaving us in a far worse economic situation than many had believed possible.  He stated:  “Next year is going to be very bad in the American stock market.  Remember, we have an election this year.  The government is doing everything it can to get re-elected.  So next year is going to be a disaster.”   Rogers believes that an additional factor that complicates things for the economy is the typical pattern of recession that occurs every 4-6 years.  Next year we are due to enter another bear market after the 3 year “bull run” since 2009.

Economist Wiedemer Has An Even More Sobering View On The US Economic Outlook For 2013

While Jim Rogers is touting inflation and falling stock marets; well-known economist, Wiedemer, who accurately predicted the fall of the housing market, equity markets, private debt and consumer spending, expects much more widespread destruction for 2013.   In a recent interview Wiedemer presented and found support for some startling statistics.  He predicts that the US will see a 50% unemployment rate, 90% market drop, and 100% inflation in the very near future.  Wiedemer was quoted saying: “We will all soon see that while printed money has been the so-called ‘medicine’ of the recovery, that medicine is about to become the poison when the dangerous side effects kick in.”

US Economy

What Do We Do As Investors If Wiedemer and Rogers Are Right About The Outlook For The U S Economy? 

In some ways these claims are so startling it almost makes them difficult to believe.  However, as gloomy as these claims may be, economist Wiedemer has been frighteningly accurate in the past.  As an investor it would be foolish to not ask yourself, what if he is right?  Even if Wiedemer is only partially right, we are looking at very uncertain economic times that could certainly change the face of the world as we know it.  The question we must ask is how do I protect myself against the hyperinflation and widespread economic collapse that could very well occur in the next couple of years?  Many investors have chosen safe investments in the wake of economic uncertainty; however, inflation is the very worst enemy of a low-yield “safe” investment.

In any economy there are investments that perform well and investment havens that can and will protect your wealth and increase your profit potential.  For more information on investment options that will protect your portfolio given today’s economy visit

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