Why Is Natural Gas A Good Investment Choice Right Now?

Natural Gas Prices Are Expected To Rise Due To Exports

Recently, a report from the energy department approved 15 pending natural gas export facilities on the east coast an din the golf, which would make the U.S. a major exporter of natural gas.  According to the energy department, the positives to exporting more natural gas far outweighs the negatives.

Who Benefits From Increasing Natural Gas Exports

Natural Gas PricesIf you’ve ever been interested in investing in commodities and energy stocks, now is the time to do so!  Stock holders in natural gas and electricity will benefit from the increased exports, because the extra demand on the resources will drive prices upwards anywhere from 3-9%.  Also, those who happen to own natural gas resources on their property will also receive compensation for the gas.  If you’ve never considered investing in natural gas, it would be a great time to consider it.  Follow the model of buy low sell high, and get in while the prices are still low.

Who Suffers From Increasing Natural Gas Exports

Unfortunately, the average American with no vested interest in natural gas, will experience a loss of wages and income due to the impact of the rising gas prices.  It will be more costly to heat a home in the winter, or even to run the electricity due to the ever increasing demand taxing the energy system. 

However,  according to the study done by NERA economic consulting: “In all of these cases, benefits that come from export expansion more than outweigh the losses from reduced capital and wage income to U.S. consumers…Exports have net economic benefits in spite of higher domestic natural gas prices.”

Consider An Investment In Natural Gas

In any economy it is wise to be diversified across asset classes and that includes commodities such as natural gas and gold and silver.  With commodities having been incredibly low priced, now would be an excellent time to allocate a percentage of your portfolio towards commodities to make sure you are adequately diversified for the economic times ahead.  For more information on natural gas as an investment speak to a redhawk advisor near you today.


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